Post-Divorce Issues

After a divorce is finalized, significant changes may occur that require a modification to the original court orders. At the Law Office of Erica S. Janton P.C., Attorney Janton will work with clients individually to understand if any portion of the court orders should or could be modified and the process in which to address the potential modifications because not every court order can be modified even if there is a substantial change in circumstances.

Additionally, there are times when ex-spouses do not adhere to the court orders. The Law Office of Erica S. Janton P.C. is available to file the necessary motions before the court to ensure that these orders are enforced or in the alternative to defend against allegations that the orders are not being followed.

As a zealous advocate on your behalf, Attorney Janton will provide realistic expectations to the facts surrounding your particular case. Attorney Janton is dedicated in being responsive to your needs and always making herself available when you are uncertain and need advice. Attorney Janton will help you navigate these post-divorce issues with a deep understanding of the law and she will ensure you understand all aspects of your case and obtain an equitable resolution under the law.