Child Support

When parties separate there is a question of how the child or children will be supported. The Law Office of Erica S. Janton P.C. can assist clients in obtaining the support necessary to afford that child the ability to maintain the standard of living they would have had, had the parents not separated.

Attorney Janton can provide a deeper understanding how the Rhode Island Child Support Formula and Guidelines are calculated to gain a better understanding of the minimum support that must be paid to the placement parent by the non-placement parent under the laws of Rhode Island. Attorney Janton will also discuss any and all factors that may contribute to a child support figure that deviates from the guidelines. The Law office of Erica S. Janton represents both the placement and non-placement parent in resolving disputes over the establishment or modification of child support.

Attorney Janton will be a zealous advocate on your behalf and compassionate to your needs while providing realistic expectations to the facts surrounding your particular case. Attorney Janton is dedicated in being responsive to your needs and always making herself available when you are uncertain and need advice. Attorney Janton will provide you with a deep understanding of the laws surrounding child support with a compassionate demeanor that will ensure you understand all aspects of your case and obtain an equitable resolution under the law.