The Law Office of Erica S. Janton P.C. offers a wide range of legal services in all areas of family law, encompassing divorce, paternity, adoption, child and/or spousal support, child custody and placement, post judgment modifications, mediation and other related issues. Erica S. Janton has extensive experience in complex high asset and high conflict family law matters and uses her experience within the family court arena to individually tailor strategies with each of her clients and provide realistic solution focused results.

At the Law Office of Erica S. Janton P.C., Attorney Janton is committed to providing thorough, responsive an effective advocacy for her clients, while being compassionate of the emotional toll a family court dispute can have. Attorney Janton recognizes that oftentimes there are highly emotionally charged aspects of family law disputes, even in amicable separations and she works zealously to support her clients through the entire process.

Attorney Janton’s approach is to meet with her clients to gain a better understanding of their particular situation and evaluate all of the possible outcomes. She will then educate her clients in an effort to enable each client to make an informed decision in their strategy moving forward. The relationships she builds with each of her clients is integral in the overall success her clients have when going through the Family Court.

The Law Office of Erica S. Janton P.C. offers full representation in litigation and in mediation, while recommending a range of dispute resolution options, depending on what is suitable for each client. Containing conflict and problem-solving solutions outside of court often produces more favorable, cost-effective resolutions in family law disputes. Sometimes, settlement is not possible and if court intervention is necessary, Attorney Janton will maintain a strong commitment to comprehensive trial preparation and vigorous advocacy.